Rambox Pro It will change your life

December 12, 2018 - 0 Comments

You heard it…somethings are awesome, simple and brilliant. RamBox Pro is a tool to connect the way you communicate and it´s a huge timesaver.

My life is a complete mess, add on top of it is that I have a pretty short memory for things I don´t need to have an attention to. One thing I get attention to is all the apps, email, sms platform which is trying to grab my attention. I have to dig and out in different apps and multitask my way. Add the dimension of splitting up the communication between private and work or like me different work places.

So someone in the universe had probably the same issue and build a fantastic little tool named RamBox. The magic box brings in your mail, skype, whatsapp, facebook, sms, linkedin, slack, trello etc etc into one system where it´s easy to shift and get notifications within the system. Supersmart but it does not stop there.

Another great feature is that you can group your communication so you can really separate private, work and perhaps sideprojects with ease!

Downside? Yes there is one huge….it will chew your ram memory like it would be a nice tasting cheesecake. You need pretty decent hardware in order to get a smooth user experience.

Otherwise try it!

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