Photo by Mark Chan

Why Sony A7 RIII is outperforming

It´s a truly amazing camera in all kind scenarios. Let me tell you how it changed my way of taking pictures.

You need a change

I´ve been developing my photography for about 14 years back and forth. I´m not an 24/7 photographer, I rather seek a purpouse then just shoot for the fun of taking a lot of pictures around the city.

My number one go to guy has always been Nikon and it´s an amazing brand. But you know like old loves there is a reason for the separation. In my case it was the weight I´ve had to carry everywhere.

So there was this new boy in town named Sony A7 RIII

So the first generation A7 from Sony felt like crap and well it is, not from the picture but from the battery and the lack of good lenses at that time. Suddenly they presented the A7 RIII and it really caught my interest. Small, fast and very nice dynamic range with a 42M sensor. I was in love when I read the line up of lenses, especially for the 50mm series.

So of course I bought one and we are happily married and will be for a long time.