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Types of Photography

Photography is an art that can be used as a hobby. As an art, it has a lot of different forms and uses. Below are some of the many different types of photography and their uses:

Portrait Photography – When taking portraits, photographers will use different techniques. This type of photography requires more than just a good camera. Other tools that you may use include paint, hair spray, black and white plastic and photographic supplies.

Low Light Photography – For photographers that want to take pictures in low light, they may use flashlights, tripods, lights, and dimmers. Some cameras may not have built-in flashlights. Some photographers may use lenses that have filters attached that come in either red or green to provide illumination. Flashlights are generally used when your subject is too far away from you.

Landscape Photography – Landscape photographers can usually use simple equipment and get great results. Cameras can be fixed with zoom lenses to get great close up pictures.

Sports Photographers – These types of photographers focus on action shots, not just portraits. These photos often come from tournaments, sports events, and competitions. Sports photos will often need special lenses and can even include fast shutter speeds to get the shot. Special lenses will also be needed when taking fast action photos.

Flower Photography – Flower photographers typically use special lenses to capture the flowers, plants, and trees from different angles. This photography requires a wider view and longer shutter speed. As the subject gets closer, the photographer may have to use a different shutter speed.

Portrait Photography – This kind of photography requires a wide view, with a lot of movement. The camera will need to be a different focal length and zoom. For this type of photography, some photographers may use makeup to enhance their faces and body.

Wildlife Photography – This photography type focuses on capturing natural scenes rather than portraits. The photos must be taken at a different time of day, using different lighting conditions, and from different angles.

Commercial Photography – Commercial photographers often charge a fee for the pictures. Many photographers will do any type of photography to earn money. Photographers do not usually focus on one specific type of photo.

Wedding Photography – Most photographers will specialize in wedding photos, such as bridal photography, which involves holding the cameras in front of the camera at different angles. There will often be multiple pictures taken from different angles of the bride and groom.

As you can see, there are many different types of photography and hobbies can include different styles of photography, and photography can be a hobby, a career, or a business. If you enjoy photography, learn more about the different types and see what you may enjoy doing more!

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