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How to Use Adobe Illustrator

Like many other software applications, Adobe Illustrator has its own blog. The blog of the Adobe Illustrator contains helpful information, tips and more for beginners as well as experienced users. A recent blog was released by Adobe Illustrator, which explains all the new features of the application. This article provides some useful tips for those who wish to learn more about how to use Adobe Illustrator.

The most important part of a document is the main menu of the application. When opening a document, the user should open the menu. By using the menu, you can access to the functions, which are as follows:

Introduction: this is usually located in the main menu. It is the first tab of the menu. It contains the various options of the application, which include the default theme. It also contains some new ones. The ‘documents’ button is located at the top left of the menu.

Multiple Layers: you can move your document onto multiple layers. You can place your images and text on different layers. You can create virtual links between the selected images.

Change Colors: you can change the colors of selected layers. In case of the ‘select color’ function, the selected layer can be changed with the help of the mouse. After selecting the image, you can choose the color from the palette on the right. The selection of colors can be done by pressing the ‘C’ key.

Undo: the undo feature allows you to go back from the last action. The undo feature works on every layer, when you press the ‘O’ key. The only change that you need to do to the selection is to press the ‘O’ key. Reverse Selection: you can reverse the selection. When you select a section of the document, you can delete the selected part and copy it. You can then paste it on another section of the document, just like you can copy the section. The ‘R’ key is the function key.

Crop: this is usually found in the ‘rotate’ function. You can resize the selection by pressing the ‘C’ key. Pressing the ‘R’ key will rotate the selection by 90 degrees.

Pen Tool: this is located in the ‘paste selection’ button. The ‘P’ key has the function of the ‘paste selection’. By clicking the P key, you can save the selection in the document. Pressing the ‘P’ key while dragging the selection will place the selection in the document.

Redo: the ‘R’ key has the function of the ‘redo’. By clicking the R key, you can go back to the document where you want to redo. The ‘R’ key is also used to go to the last document, which has been opened.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about Adobe Illustrator, the best way is to log in to the Adobe website. The website has several tutorials, which are free of cost.

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