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Learn How to Use Adobe Illustrator

One of the most useful technologies for a photographer is Adobe Illustrator. I know some people think this is old, but actually it’s quite new and it’s one of the tools most used by photographers. When designing your portfolio, you can use Illustrator to provide a new look to your photos.

It’s not just a tool for drawing and artistic sense. Adobe Illustrator is the most versatile tool when it comes to designing a good-looking portfolio. Here are some tips about how to utilize it. The following guidelines will help you to design a portfolio that’s both professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Design your portfolio around a theme. If you’re trying to get noticed by professionals, you need to make sure that your portfolio reflects your style and personality. If you have a particular photo you like, but it doesn’t fit your portfolio, you should use it as an inspiration. This way, you can design your portfolio around your photo instead of using it as an excuse to use another photo.

Themes are very common in portfolios nowadays. You can even try to develop a theme. Your theme can be related to your profession or with the company you work for.

Different things bring different meaning to people. Your photos can have different meanings for different people. You need to think of your portfolio as an advertisement. This means that you need to take your creative skill and advertise your skills to the world. Choose the best creative keywords that can give your photos a powerful impact in the eyes of other people.

The Profile Image. This is probably the most important thing. You need to do something different every time. You don’t want to copy the profile photo, but you also don’t want to look boring in your pictures. Be original and creative when choosing your photos and your profile image.

Text. Always take care of the text on your photos. Your text should be simple and easy to read. If you have text, make sure that it is highlighted so that it’s easier to read the text.

Colors. Choose colors that suit your purpose. It’s always better to stick to colors that you’re more familiar with. It’s true that Adobe Illustrator has many color variations, but you can use a color scheme that will be more suitable for your purpose. You also don’t want to overuse colors as they will ruin the purpose of having colors.

Typeface. Although not really related to photography, Adobe Illustrator uses different types of fonts in different contexts. The typeface you choose must match your design elements and it must fit the tone of your portfolio.

Design your overall look with a specific style. If you want to create a modern look, use lots of thick strokes and rounded corners.

You should follow these tips if you want to get great results from your project. And once you start using Adobe Illustrator, you’ll realize that this is one of the most versatile tools there is.

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