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Digital Business Developer

Hi there, I´m Daniel. People often call me Data Dan. My main passion is developing businesses through rock solid digital marketing. I have great interests in small things like pixels to big things like communication on digital platforms.

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Digital marketing
Sales processes
Technical project management
Web Scraping
Data extraction


Master Person Analysis

The Master Person Analysis (MPA) is an internationally proven expert system for creating personality profiles to be used as the basis for well-founded exploratory meetings and describes a person’s behavioural trends in professionally relevant situations.

Achievement orientation - describes how goals are mainly defined and achieved.

This result shows a preference for defining goals and results in measurable and quantitative terms. People with this behavior will primarily try to achieve goals as quickly as possible. Can be perceived as competition oriented and goal oriented. Most often prefer goals with shorter ones term.

Assertiveness - describes how to seek influence.

People with this result are looking for strong influence. Usually tries to influence opinions and attitudes in their surroundings. People with this behavior handle self-confidence situations and can be perceived as dominant and resolute. Insist on having a contributing influence.

Energy use - describes how energy is usually used.

This result describes a person who often initiates new activities without lose focus on the ongoing tasks. People with this behavior are usually perceived as active, with good ability to prioritize time and effort. Thrives at a varying pace of work which allows to adjust the tempo to task.

Emotional control - describes how people prefer to show and use their emotions.

This result describes a person who openly expresses emotions, and who at the same time is compassionate. Such a person feels the mood without letting it dominate. perceived as emotionally stable and well-balanced. Thrives best in a work environment that caters to the individual as well task.

Social connection - describes how much contact people want with others.

This placement describes a person who prefers to be in company with other. They are normally active in seeking the company of others and spend time doing so. Perceived as social and outgoing and easy to communicate with others. Most comfortable with a lot of social activity that gives the opportunity to make new contacts.

Trust - describes how people usually show confidence and trust in others.

This result describes people who are usually suspicious of the intentions of others. Is often straightforward and determined. A person with this preference takes conflicts when that needed. Can be perceived as something critical and straightforward. Thrives best when they are openly critical.

You have provided multiple answers on both sides of this property. This is indicated by an ellipse above. It means usually the behavior varies and adapts to the situation.

Detail oriented - describes how people prefer to take on work tasks.

A person with this behavior often works carefully and conscientiously. Prefer to delve into the details, perhaps at the expense of the overview (the broader perspective). Such a person is happy to take on routine tasks. It is usually perceived as accurate and conscientious and is best enjoyed when there is enough time to get into the details.

Decision oriented - describes how people prefer to make decisions.

This result shows a preference for a situational decision-making process. People with this result often show both spontaneity and reflection, depending on the nature of the task. Therefore these people are often used to making decisions in a balanced way. Most comfortable when adjustable the decision-making process to the context.

Abstract oriented - describes people's interest in development and new ideas.

This result describes people who are innovative, inventive and who happy to look for alternative solutions. They are happy to be inspired by theories and unconventional ideas. Feel free to question existing guidelines. Most often perceived as development-oriented. Enjoy working with tasks which requires creative thinking outside existing frameworks.

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