Live to die

December 01, 2018 - 0 Comments

Had an mindblowing experience at Substitutet with the the talk about death. Undressing the mind and gather curios people makes it an outstanding platform.

Talking about death can be hard and uncomfortable. Perhaps we talk to little about death. However death is among us, reminding us of a lot of things. You can not yet run away from death and that is something that is fashinating us in all kind of ways.

Imagine to meet 12 people which you hardly know, some are completly new experience for you. The topic is death and the only thing you have to do is to open up and trust one and another. This is hard, very hard especially when talking about death as it can be emotionally challenging in a group. I rarely reflect about death even if I have an experience about a close incident and people around me which have past away in different ways. What is mindblowing is how people actually opened up and shared very personal stories and views about death. It´s a total respect at that very moment and honest intentions which I really enjoy.

One of the moments was to actually hold in a real human cranium and do some reflections of your own. It was a strange feeling knowing your are holding a piece of something that used to be a mind.

I guess this kind of moments are “epic” together, helping each other out of hard topics.

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