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Email marketing – Beginners Guide

Fundamentals of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing used by some of the world’s largest companies. This type of marketing involves any sending of a commercial message to a potential customer or a specific target audience of potential customers of your product or service.

Email marketing

In this way, the content of the site is promoted, and in the case of the e-shop, discounts and news about business expansion are announced. Email content can be diverse, but the goal is unique — you want to animate the recipient to complete the desired action (purchase, site visit, questionnaire completion …). The way you do it can be the key to the success of your email campaign.

Have you decided to launch your first email campaign and want to bring potential customers to your attention? Want to share information with them about the business you are doing and occasionally get them to take specific actions?

Below, read the beginners guide to email marketing.

How to reach email contacts?

At the very beginning, before you start thinking about how to get a user’s attention and what kind of email to send, you need the address of a potential user. This is why the first step in creating an email campaign is gathering relevant contacts who may be interested in the content of the messages you send them. There are many ways to reach contacts. Sometimes creating a contact list also involves activities in the offline world.

Remember that the consent of the email owner to receive your messages is one of the implications in the online world and email marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you may get spam status because users get unwanted and uninteresting content from your IP address.

The ways and methods to reach an email contact may depend on the area of ​​business. It is also possible to combine different data collection strategies, where your creativity and ingenuity can help you gather the most useful addresses.

Collecting contacts through the site

The email addresses you receive through the site are usually the highest quality contacts, as visitors have left their addresses. Site visitors must be interested in the content you post so that they wish to receive information from your site. If you are already broadcasting good and interesting content, do not forget to set a visible option for newsletter sign-ups.

You can also earn a contact with a free e-book, specific report, specific reward, etc. This type of contact collection has shown good results in practice.

How to in email marketing

Collecting contact through the Opt-in landing page

The page created to get users to leave an email address is called the Opt-in landing page. An attractive looking page with interestingly written text should contain only one CTA (call to action) requesting that the visitor leave their information. This page is accessed by clickable banners, located on or off the site.

The appearance of the Opt-in landing page is particularly important. The design of the site directly tells the visitor about the seriousness of the company as well as the quality of the service or goods that will be offered to him in the future.

The power of social networks and email marketing

The combination of email marketing and social networking can help you reach quality contacts more quickly and easily. In email campaigns, social networks and media are ideal places to get in touch because they have the option of targeting audiences through ads, and also gathering fans.

One of the tactics for collecting email contacts is prize games. If the prize is attractive, you will likely collect many addresses. But, not all collected contacts will be usable in an email campaign. Thus, besides thinking about what you are giving away, you should also take care of which target group is in your reward program.

Gathering contacts in the offline world

Although “everything is on the Internet”, you will often find the highest quality contacts offline. If you are dealing with cars, the best place to collect contacts is a car fair, car services, motorcycle rallies, old-timer exhibitions … If you have a point of sale in addition to the site, design a way to get an email address from your customers.

In other words, if you are where your potential customers are, you will be able to present all the benefits in direct conversation. Also, in face-to-face encounters, people lower the guard and are more prepared to hear what benefits they can expect.

Email marketing campaign types:

Promotional email — which conveys a particular message of a promotional type in which you offer a discount, market a new product, inform about a new location or shop of a company, a new business model, etc. Although good email design, originality, informativeness, wit, and certain gifts are implied, it is important to emphasize once again that every email should be different from those already received for the same or similar purpose;Transaction emails — means emails that are sent when a customer has already completed a particular action. For example, a buyer made a purchase, which fulfilled the requirement to receive one email. The company then thanks him via email for his trust and offers a discount on another product;Welcome email — similar to transaction emails, but this time the requirement to send an email automatically is to sign in to a contact list. In this type of mail, you express gratitude for the interest of future customers or consumers, very often you represent the company or its products;Newsletter — A particularly popular form of customer communication, is a periodic email that is typically used to send information on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. The goal of newsletters is to get recipients interested in the latest benefits or some other company action. The practice has shown that Thursday, then Tuesday, and then Wednesday are the best days to send newsletters.

Spamming is not allowed in email marketing

Before you start creating an email campaign, you need to know that every email that is sent passes through filters on the way to the recipient’s inbox.

Spamming in the case of email marketing can be a problem. If the message is spam, rest assured that it will not even reach the recipient and your IP address from which you created the email campaign will be blocked.

For this reason, make sure that:

send emails from a server that is not recognized as the spam site;contact only those contacts who have subscribed to the mailing list (and who after a period have confirmed that they wish to continue receiving the information you send);do not use “spammer” words in your email headline formulations, such as urgent, favorable, sale, low price, etc.

Also, it is important to know that there is an obligation to highlight the unsubscribe option so that any user who wishes to do so may have their contact removed from a particular database.

Get results with email marketing

Email marketing is one of the few activities that delivers results. Although often not at the forefront, this method of online promotion is cost-effective and always up to date. As a wonderful marketing tool, email continues to be an important part of any digital campaign. There are many reasons for this — one of them is a large number of potential clients you can contact. Practically, anyone using the Internet has an email address, which is huge marketing potential.

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