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The Pros and Cons of WordPress

Many people are wondering about the pros and cons of WordPress. We will first need to determine what it is, and why it is so popular. WordPress is a content management system which can be used for multiple purposes.

A common use of WordPress is to keep an online diary or blog. You can have several pages with posts and comments posted on them. You can even set up templates for your posts, including images, text, and even YouTube videos and plug-ins. It is possible to even customize these by adding a logo and content, or embedding a YouTube video if you want to.

Another common use of WordPress is to create a website based on a specific keyword. You can enter the keyword and use a tool like Google’s Keyword Tool to generate a list of related websites that might fit your terms. The list is then filtered to find only the sites that meet your criteria.

Other advanced users might use the WordPress platform for forum creation. This enables users to set up forums that discuss topics with specific topics and are moderated by other members. Forum software allows you to create forums in a way that has never been possible before.

Another thing that WordPress can do is help you get traffic. A blog can create traffic easily. However, a blog that contains hundreds of pages of text that requires hundreds of clicks from an end user can be an eyesore that many webmasters do not want.

If you have visitors coming to your blog from various places, such as search engines, article directories, social networking sites, and all other forms of advertising, you may want to consider placing a Google AdSense plug-in on your site. If you want more traffic to your blog, try using AdSense to drive traffic to your blog and gain more readers.

WordPress is also commonly used for personal use. Using WordPress to build blogs, create online journals, and to store your own photos is one of the many uses of WordPress. As I mentioned earlier, WordPress can be used for multiple purposes.

One of the most unique things about WordPress is that you can customize each page according to your own individual personality. You can include images, put posts, and put comments on a site you have built entirely within WordPress itself.

If you build a blog and then decide to build a business, you can choose how you want to be paid for the items you sell. You could choose to be paid every time someone clicks on your site.

Most businesses would like to use WordPress for not only to sell items, but also to store things for free. You can even use the same content management system for storing your own products, such as games, music, or eBooks.

As you can see, WordPress is useful to all types of people who want to build their own websites, or build advanced websites for others to use. The options are really endless, and many webmasters have been successful at utilizing WordPress to great effect.

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