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“To create you need a pile of dirt and some imagination”

I’m a marketing engineer, who loves clean, simple & solutions. I also enjoy crafting photography work and AI based scrapers.


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Art8.8.8.8 – your free-doom

Teach us for what is taught It does not matter, we still believe Believe we can change The way we believe in freedom

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ComputersRambox Pro It will change your life

You heard it…somethings are awesome, simple and brilliant. RamBox Pro is a tool to connect the way you communicate and it´s a huge timesaver. My life is a…

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LifeLive to die

Had an mindblowing experience at Substitutet with the the talk about death. Undressing the mind and gather curios people makes it an outstanding platform.

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i love my
Creates solid marketing solutions
Daniel Norin worked with Zmarta Group as a consultant doing a period of 12 months. Daniel was brought in to help us with our long-term SEO strategy and improving our current SEO visibility. Daniel helped us identify on- and off page issues and gave us a lot of good ideas and areas to focus on. The work Daniel did for us helped us create a solid foundation for improving our SEO visibility. I happy to give Daniel my best recommendations. Sincerely, Kian Møller Zmarta Group

Kian Møller

Nordic Digital Marketing Manager at Zmarta Group

Great and positive supervisor
I had the wonderful privilege of working with Daniel as a supervisor during my first 10-week internship at Vi in Villa. Daniel has a rare involvement and a great energy in what he does, which infects in a very positive way. As a supervisor, Daniel is very involved in what we do, as well as teaching and showing the way in a very educational and good way. I strongly recommend Daniel as a supervisor and colleague, as he is one of the reasons that the time at We in Villa for me has been a true pleasure!

Pontus Lundberg

SEO consultant at Web Guide Partner

Engages and develops people
I have had the privilege of having Daniel as my supervisor during my first internship during the training of online marketers. Daniel is very professional and committed in his field. He is very educational and has the ability to get others engaged and developed within Digital Marketing. I only have positive experiences with working with Daniel.

Oxana Naess

Ad Ops / Digital Manager - Bonnier Tidsskrifter

Incredible view for detail
Daniel was a vital part in ensuring the SEO-efficiency when we were launching our new e-commerce platform. With an incredible view for detail he ensured that our platform were outstanding before going live. Daniel managed this project on WGP's side with great success. His very organized work was a great help to both our dev-team and our marketing team. Thanks to his ability to document all that needs to be done in a way that can be presented both to a developer and also a marketer, it was easy to take action.

Jacob Rastad

CTO at Outnorth

Creative, result oriented and has extensive knowhow within SEO
I had the pleasure to work with Daniel Norin during the set up and implementation of a highly prioritized SEO project in our company. Daniel is creative, result oriented and has extensive knowhow within SEO. He takes on full responsibility, shows ownership and puts a lot of energy into everything he does. Daniel delivered a solid platform that will help us to continue to grow our business.

Mattias Hallgrim

CMO at Zmarta Group

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